Going Live

Posted on October 24, 2011 Tags: meta

Lazy me. Aparently it has been nearly two months since I last played with this blog. So instead of planing to tinker with it more and more, I decided to just go live.

So… here it is. I still have lots of plans what to do. I feel the strong urge to customize the default octopress design a bit. Maybe tweak it a bit here and there. My publishing workflow is also far from perfect. Right now, I deploy to an ec2 instance via rsync. I doubt, that this is the cheapest or fastest possible way. And I really want to automate something with dropbox so that I can create new posts from my iPad.

But if I finish all this before going live, I would probably never start this damn blog. I hope it will grow and flourish as I go with it.

The next few postings aren’t going to be about meta-blogging topics.

The basics are set up and running. I even added an Impressum to be a bit safer in the shark-infested minefield that the german internet is from a juristic stance.