Elevator Rushhour

Posted on October 8, 2012 Tags: misc, travel

This morning, we encountered something, I didn’t knew existed: Elevator Rushhour. I’ve never lived in a 28 story building before. We now live on the 21st floor. If every floor is roughly the same as ours, there are 12 apartments on each floor.

=> (* 28 12)
; 336

So there are a good 300 apartments. The building currently has three working elevators. Even if we assume that not every apartment is inhabited and not every inhabitant has to get up in the morning to get to work, this leaves us with a lot of people that need to exit the building in a narrow timeframe.

We left at 8:00. And we waited for nearly 10 minutes to finally leave the building. The elevators were all basically stopping at every other floor on their way down. Then going all the way up again only to repeat the stop and go on their way down.