Take a deep breath

Posted on October 11, 2012 Tags: misc, travel, china

A few weeks before we started our journey, a friend of mine gave me a link to an article in the german Tagesspiegel (link). The author of that article stayed a while in Beijing as well. And according to her, the quality of the air in Beijing is usually so bad, it took the author over a week to realize that her apartment had a view on the mountains.

When we arrived in Beijing, we had a clear blue sky. So naturally, I was thinking the author exaggerated a bit. That is, until yesterday, when I realized that our apartment had a view on the mountains as well. It took us just five days to realize that.

I took a picture from our window that morning. Today – also a nice day with lots of sun – I tried to take the same picutre again. Same ISO, same aperture, same shutter speed, roughly the same time of the day. I merged those images. This is the result:

To be honest, I made one mistake. I let the camera on auto-white-balance. This probably overstates the difference a bit. Anyways, take a deep breath and enjoy.