Brain for hire

Posted on August 27, 2013 Tags: personal, career

I guess it’s time to make it official:

I am now a freelancer

After years of constant employment, this is the first time I am standing on my own two feet. I’m still on the fence whether this is the best decision or biggest mistake in my career so far.

I greatly enjoyed working at akquinet for the last two and a half years. So, the decision to take this step was not an easy one. But I just have to do this personal experiment. I don’t want to look back at my life later on and regret never having tried this. The time is right and for the first few months I should be all set.

Nonetheless, here is some shameless self promotion: If you are looking for an experienced technical consultant to maneuver your JVM based project out of a tight corner – contact me. If you are looking for an excellent developer to help on your next kick-ass web application – contact me. If you need someone coaching your team to get up to speed on modern web technologies – contact me. And if you are actually looking for a highly motivated clojure developer – please, please contact me.